Playlists For Your Tennessee Summer.



For hanging out at a coffee shop:

Follow this playlist by local store manager Anthony Kirk, and the Vann Drive Starbucks may win the Starbucks-wide playlist competition.


For driving on cooler summer nights:

My husband made this short and sweet playlist for cruising down back roads.


For sitting on your front porch, patio, or door step:  

I have 3 playlists, all with the intent of “quiet” music that you can relax to. The first one is the largest at 289 songs.


For swimming or sunning at the pool:

I don’t know what it is, but classic rock sounds especially amazing when you’re swimming. Try it!


For commuting to work:

Wake up with this fun, eclectic playlist called “caffeine.”


And lastly, for hosting an all-ages party:

“apro pop” is my most versatile playlist. It has old and new favorites, songs that pretty much anyone can sing to, and songs that are decidedly clean so as not to offend different audiences.


Summer’s not over yet- make it a good one!


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