A Tennessee Valentine.

a tennessee valentine (1)


It’s time for another Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re excited to celebrate or planning to treat it as just another day, this playlist will have you singing along. Let’s give our local artists a round of applause and enjoy their romantic (or anti-romantic) songs this Valentine’s.


  • Song: “With You- A Sweet Little Love Song Demo”

         Artist: Valerie June

         Hometown: Memphis


A quiet, heartfelt acoustic rhythm paired with Valerie June’s earnest voice makes this song perfect for a Valentine’s night in with your loved one. The lyrics “And if I should fall so deep / may it be with you” brings an air of assurance to the song- the narrator has found the right person and now feels comfortable in vulnerability.


  • Song: “No Time For Lonely”

           Artist: LOLO

          Hometown: Jackson


“No Time For Lonely” describes the life of a woman choosing to take an optimistic view on the current state of affairs. “The world’s too hot and it’s melting away/ But I wanna believe it’s a beautiful place/ I’m not looking for a tinder date,” LOLO sings. The song’s narrator reflects on saving money, eating Chinese takeout, and being content with where she is at in life. This is the perfect song for someone who’s not interested in celebrating Valentine’s Day as a holiday- it’s just another day in the life.


  • Song: “You & Me”

         Artist: Nordista Freeze

         Hometown: Nashville


Nordista Freeze hails from Nashville, but he’s traveled to play a show or two in Jackson. His song “You & Me” references driving across Tennessee since “anywhere with you is good with me.” It’s a simple love song, speaking directly to the object of affection with words of encouragement, urging her to discover beauty in the “highest highs, the deepest sea.”


  • Song: “True Love”

          Artist: Carl Perkins

          Hometown: Tiptonville/Jackson


If you’re looking to put a classic spin on your Valentine’s Day, Carl Perkins has the fun, rockabilly flair that Jackson celebrates. “True Love” is an upbeat track with enthusiastic backing vocals and rhyming couplets like “You’ve got that certain touch / to me, baby, you mean so much.”


  • Song: “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

         Artist: Tina Turner

         Hometown: Nutbush


Tina Turner’s raspy question, “Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?” sums up how this song approaches romance. If you’re enduring heartbreak or just not into Valentine’s Day, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” is the famous ballad that will speak to you.


  • Song: “Love is a Beautiful Thing”

         Artist: James Carr

         Hometown: Memphis


“Love is a Beautiful Thing” is a fun song with an overarching message about the noun and act of “love.” James Carr’s bluesy voice croons, “What do you think about love? / I think love is out of sight.” Pump up the volume with “Love is a Beautiful Thing,” and end your Valentine’s  on a positive note.


Link to Spotify playlist:





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