2017 In Music



Every year I like to look back and see the music that defined it- which record was spinning while I did my makeup, the playlist that we listened to on the road trip to North Carolina, the song that played as I walked down the aisle to my husband.

I decided to make two different playlists this year. One would be every album that was released in 2017 that I was able to listen to. The other would be older albums that I rediscovered and enjoyed in 2017. That being said, I’m going to split this post into the two categories:

  1. Albums Released in 2017

I don’t claim to know what the best album released in 2017 was. If I had to choose, I’d say my personal favorite was Cameron Avery’s Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams.  It was a truly beautiful album- Avery has a deep, emotive voice, and his lyrics tell gripping stories about the tragedies of everyday romance (“Wasted On Fidelity,” “Dance With Me”).

Here’s a list of albums released in 2017 that I had on constant rotation (some also pictured at the top of the post):

  1. Pacific Daydream by Weezer
  2. Popular Manipulations by The Districts
  3. Volcano by Temples
  4. The Greatest Gift Mixtape (not a full length album, but who cares) by Sufjan Stevens
  5. Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams by Cameron Avery
  6. Beast Epic by Iron & Wine
  7. Heartworms by The Shins
  8. You’re Not As ____ As You Think by Sorority Noise
  9. A Song For Every Moon by Bruno Major
  10. Lust For Life by Lana Del Rey
  11. Halloween by Ruston Kelly
  12. Care by David Bazan
  13. Bedouine by Bedouine
  14. As You Were by Liam Gallagher
  15. Soft Sounds From Another Planet by Japanese Breakfast


Every album released in 2017 that I listened to:



     2. Albums I Rediscovered in 2017


Beyond a doubt, I wore out Friends by White Lies this year. It’s one of those rare albums that both my husband and I could NOT stop listening to. At first we just listened to it nonstop on Spotify, but then I bought the vinyl and it sounds so perfect filling the rooms of our apartment. Plus, the White Lies website currently features an awesome interactive maze, which I think is a real pro.

My Chemical Romance appears twice in my rediscovered albums. It’s no secret that MCR has always been my greatest missed concert regret, and periodically I find myself revisiting their music and getting lost in Ray Toro’s guitar solos. This year I went all out, listening to their first two full-length albums over and over, as well as bingeing on “The Black Parade is Dead!: Live in Mexico.”

Here’s my rediscovered albums best-of list & full playlist:

  1. Friends by White Lies
  2. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance
  3. Blue Film by Lo-Fang
  4. The Only Place by Best Coast
  5. That’s Why God Made The Radio by The Beach Boys
  6. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love by My Chemical Romance


What were your favorite albums this year? I can’t wait to make new discoveries in 2018!


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