I am about to see The Killers!



I don’t really have words for how much this means to me, or how much of my life has been spent listening to this band, so this post is just going to be a tribute to The Killers.

COME WITH ME to Music Midtown in Atlanta.

This post will include my top 3 favorite songs from each album, excluding Sawdust (even though I love it, too, but this post is going to be long enough) and starting in reverse order with Battle Born because why not?

Battle Born:  



The Way It Was

The imagery and guitar repetition really stuck with me. Plus, the Elvis reference is golden.

Be Still

One of the most raw, personal songs they have ever made. If you want to get real, listen to this. Personally I can’t hear this song more than once a month or I will break down. It’s that powerful.


Day & Age


This song makes me ridiculously happy and mind-numbingly sad at the same time. In other words, it’s a Killers song. Maybe I cry from listening to it because it reminds me of David Bowie? Hand me the tissue box.

A Dustland Fairytale

Brandon himself cries during this song, so I don’t feel any shame, y’all. Really, this is one of the best stories I have ever heard told through lyrics.

This Is Your Life

Catchy, sad, and hopeful. The heavy backing vocals depart from the band’s usual sound, giving it a communal feel. It’s a song for the everyman.

Sam’s Town

When You Were Young

I think everyone who has heard “When You Were Young” has a special relationship with it, all their own, so I’m not even going to try to talk about it.

Read My Mind

Some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard. “I pull up to the front of your driveway / with magic soaking my spine / can you read my mind?”

This River Is Wild

My personal pick for the most underrated Killers song. Brandon’s vocals never sounded stronger + godspeed + water imagery + shake a little + endearing outro = this river is wild.


Hot Fuss

Mr. Brightside

Where it all started. The greatest song about jealousy ever written.

All These Things That I’ve Done

My favorite of all the favorites. I have yet to find a song anywhere with the same kind of emotional power as “All These Things That I’ve Done.” I NEED DIRECTION TO PERFECTION.

Andy, You’re A Star

Have you ever sung this at the top of your lungs? It’s the cure to life’s problems.


Guys, pray that I don’t cry so much that I can’t see Brandon through the tears. See you on the other side!


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