Starman: A Tribute to David Bowie.



He was born as David Robert Jones on January 8th, 1947, and he died as iconic rockstar and fashion innovator David Bowie on January 11, 2016.


There are few musicians today who wouldn’t reference Bowie as an influence on their lives. His stories, songs, characters, tours, and outfits were impossible to ignore and desirable to emulate. Bowie proved that art was something achievable; something you could be.



Bowie references stars, space, and alien superheroes throughout his music catalogue, and yet, somehow, his songs are relatable to the average human existence. We’re all looking for something beautiful, something different, a new way to express ourselves, and Bowie showed us that it wasn’t so hard. It could be something as simple as a name: “Ziggy Stardust.”



Bowie was just as good at performing in character as he was stripped-down. He could be the Thin White Duke as easily as Aladdin Sane. He could look however he wanted and still make classic, timeless music. He told us that we can be heroes…and we believed it.



Rest in peace, David Bowie. Thank you for inspiring Beck to make this stunning cover.


And thank you for inspiring me on Halloween.




You’re the best, Starman.



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