Fall Soundtrack.


Now that fall is here, I find myself returning to some of my old acoustic and indie favorites, like Ryan Adams, Father John Misty, and Conor Oberst. To celebrate fall, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best performances from these artists, as well as a playlist to carve pumpkins and drink apple cider to.

  • Ryan Adams, “Amy.”

Just like Room on Fire and In An Aeroplane Over the Sea are basically perfect albums, so is Heartbreaker. Ryan Adams has recorded countless tracks since then, including a whole album covering Taylor Swift, but Heartbreaker still draws me in after all this time (always).

  • Father John Misty, “Nancy From Now On.”

Because Josh Tillman is my new favorite Twitter guy and his sense of humor, paired with his beautiful voice, makes my day.

  • Conor Oberst, “You Are Your Mother’s Child.”

Conor Oberst has the kind of voice that makes grown men cry. I used to dream of marrying him back in high school and still get teased about my crush to this day. Meanwhile, Oberst’s most recent solo album, Upside Down Mountain, was my favorite from last year.

  • Albert Hammond, Jr., “Holiday” and “Hard to Live in the City.”

I was lucky enough to see Albert Hammond, Jr., play live this summer with the Strokes, and I can tell you firsthand that this man has a gift. “Holiday” and “Hard to Live in the City” hail off his first album, Yours To Keep.

  • Brandi Carlile, “Heart’s Content.”

Famous for her single “The Story,” Brandi Carlile has continued to produce beautiful folk music with personal lyrics.

  • Leon Bridges, “River.”

I still have a live recording of this song on my phone from when I saw Leon Bridges last winter. Bridges has risen to national recognition since then, and the simple acoustics of this ballad paired with his strong voice make for a great listen.

A full playlist of songs for fall can be accessed here:


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