This Week’s Eclectic Mix of New Music.


So much has happened this week, both good and horribly wrong. In light of the terrible murders of four Marines in my home state, I would like to offer up prayers for their families and all who were affected by the tragedy.

Thankfully, in regards to the music world, this week has proved exceptional. Several artists have released new singles and albums all within a few days of each other, and I would warrant that all of them deserve an appreciative listen.

I’ll start with the best of all: Wilco released a surprise new album yesterday. But not only is it a new Wilco album, it is FREE and can be digitally downloaded here:

No hype, no hints. Just a free album called Star Wars that somehow reminds me of both Being There Wilco and The Whole Love Wilco. Either way, it’s great, and I’m even more grateful that I got to witness Wilco live for the second time earlier this summer.

After months of teasing with class-act songs, Tame Impala finally released their new album, Currents, today. I also had the opportunity to see Tame Impala live this May, and they ended up playing several new songs from the album. If you want to best understand the process and creativity involved in Currents, I would suggest reading interviews with Kevin Parker, the mastermind behind Tame Impala. In the meantime, immerse yourself in the likes of “Let It Happen.”

A third new album was released this week: Jon Foreman’s second installment in his The Wonderlands series, entitled Shadows. The tone of Shadows contrasts with that of Sunlight, the previous installment, as could be expected from the name differences. As always, Jon Foreman is thought-provoking and deliberate, his music a testament to years of artistry under his belt as a solo artist, Switchfoot frontman, and Fiction Family co-creator.

Finally, 5 Seconds of Summer released their single “She’s Kinda Hot,” which reflects a heavy Blink-182/Green Day/MCR influence that a former pop-punk girl like me can appreciate. Sure, the majority of the 5SOS fanbase is young and a little too worshipful of the guys, but I think the band makes fun and honest music. “She’s Kinda Hot” isn’t that serious…and that’s just fine.

I have compiled a playlist of the new music mentioned here for your enjoyment:


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